500g Espresso Blend - Whole Bean

An everyday session coffee that is always sweet and flavoursome. Now don’t get it twisted, this is an everyday coffee with extraordinary flavour. This is the coffee they use in their own shops, so if you are looking to recreate that signature Bruce and Luke’s flavour this is your best bet.


Their espresso blend is a medium roast. This gives a stunning balance between the awesome origin flavour and bitterness to create a truly delicious cup.


The espresso blend has deep chocolate flavours, with notes of hazelnuts and dried fruit. It can be enjoyed without milk and as the name suggests creates mind blowing espresso


A single origin from the Chapas De Minas region of Brazil. The Chapas De Minas region of Brazil has produced outstanding coffee since the 1870’s, the stunning climate and high altitude is perfect for producing coffee with impeccable flavour. The multi-generational farm that our Espresso Blend is from operates to 4C standard, meaning that coffee is grown to be economically and environmentally sustainable. Love the world and the world will love you!


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