Welcome to the Bodri Family vineyard - Szekszard

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated. "The best-kept secret of the old wine world"

Exclusive Hungarian wine varieties now in the UK

With 22 wine regions, growing hundreds of varietals, Hungary offers a multitude of great wines to explore. 


From our shop 🍇🍷 - first time in the #uk

Bodri White Cuvee - 2019 £7.99

A dry white wine, rounded blend of white wines with a fine acidity being composed mainly of#welschriesling

A great companion to starters made of vegetables or egg, as well as fish & poultry.

A great summer wine 🍇


The Szekszárd wine region is characterized by rolling hills, and is crisscrossed by erosional valleys, creating a range of distinct microclimates.

The soil is thick and full of nutrients, being deposited over centuries by wind blown dust across the Carpathian basin

The Bodri Vineyard has over 30 hectares of award winning Kékfrankos and Kadarka,

the wines have won numerous national and international competitions

Welcome to the Bodri Family vineyard - Szekzard

"For The love for grapes and the tradition of winemaking."

We were introduced to this family vineyard by our staff member Zoltan, who you may have seen over the years helping out around the pub. He is often thought to be Tita's dad, although there is no family connection.

Zoltan went to school in Szekszard with Bodri Istvan, They have known each other for half a century. We were delighted to receive a VIP welcome to the vineyard, with a tour around the estate, lunch in the fantastic Optimus restaurant and a wine tasting with the man himself.

Visit the BODRI Vineyard

Currently three generations of the Bodri family are working on the family estate to make sure that the wines produced in the vineyard are unique and of great value. 

The Bodri Estate was modernised in 1999, the land was previously characterised by woodland, neglected vineyards, ruined press-houses and gardens. 

The first 5 hectare vineyard was planted in 2001 and it has grown to be an outstanding wine producing vineyard and a sustainable wine tourism complex with accommodation and restaurant. 

The famous Grand cellar, has become the largest newly-built cupola structured cellar in Middle Europe.

Bodri wines are for those who prefer lighter, cheerful, fruity wines. Although, those in favour of the full bodied red will find some specialities to their taste, too. The premium wine of the estate is the Optimus Cuvee

With 30 hectares of Blue Frankish (Kékfrankos) it is the most important grape varieties. It produces excellent wines, complex and suitable for blending.

Kékfrankos reflects and mediates the

terroir perfectly, with well-chosen barrels resulting in a real speciality. Among other

things, this is why Kékfrankos is in the centre of the variety structure premium wine but is also a vital element of the cuvees.

The vineyard includes 

8.5 ha of Cabernet Franc

2ha of Kadarka 

6.3ha of Portuguese

4ha of Malbec

3.3ha of Chardonnay

3ha of Olaszriesling

0.5ha of Pinot Noir

0.3ha of Rajna Riesling

0.3ha of Riesling Sylvaner 

Many of you asked what Bodrikutya means?

There is a clue on the bottle... and I will tell you some more 🐶

Bodri is not only the name of the family vineyard but a popular dog name too in#Hungary- and often given to the#puli dog breed.

On the estate there are 2 puli, Rozi (first picture ) and Blanka ( second picture ) and they are absolutely gorgeous- just like our Bodrikutya Red Cuvee and Bodrikutya White Cuvee from our online wine cellar.

Interesting fact that Mr.Facebook @zuck owns a puli called Beast 🐾 .⁣



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