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The Robin Hood Inn

With lots of companies closing, shops shut and services reduced, It's not been a usual Monday here in Carlisle.

If you have been working at home today, here is a very simple Monday night dinner to cook at home with the family.

Chicken & bacon vegetable pasta 😋🍽

This recipe will feed 4 people a healthy nutritious meal, that contains all your recommended 5 fruit and veg/ day.

For a little extra boost for your immune system add a fresh chilli.

If you have any questions regarding the cooking processes get in touch we will be happy to help.

If you would like to cook this tomorrow and are short of a few ingredients, get in touch before midnight and we can order them for you from our fantastic local suppliers Caterite Foodservice Ltd & Kirkup butchers.

Share your efforts with us and use #quaranTEA.

If you feel inspired by us in your kitchen then please donate what you can to help sustain our village pub via JustGiving

Search: robin-hood-smithfield

For donation please follow the link:


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