• QuaranTEA in the communiTEA •

We would like to thank you for everyone for their encouragement at this time, it has not been the best period in our business, but we are not alone, lots of small local businesses are suffering while many key workers and farm owners continue to work hard, putting themselves at risk.

We have tried to keep our enthusiasm for local produce by promoting our quaranTEA page, using good quality produce to make healthy balanced meals. Hopefully this has encouraged people to enjoy their own kitchens as there will be a few more weeks of home cooking to get through.

Unfortunately we have not been in a position to offer takeaway food to the general public. However we have been delivering our set daily quaranTEA meals locally to those “vulnerable” and “key workers” in our community.

The menu changes weekly

If you require assistance with meal requirements during the current national crisis. Get in touch. If you have a friend or relative who might benefit from this service, please let us know

We do not charge for this service, however we would appreciate any donations to be made to our crowdfunding site:


the service is a way to offer viral kindness in the village. The service is at the our own discretion.

During this current forced closure, any support to the upkeep of our village pub is greatly appreciated.

We cook a fresh quaranTEA meal every evening. we can offer a vegetarian alternative and we are more than happy to cater for dietary requirements.

The meal will contain your recommend daily allowance of fruit/veg.

This will be delivered HOT to your doorstep between 6-7pm.

If you have any allergies or food intolerances, please let us know in advance,

we can prepare meals to suit all dietary requirements.

If you could please reply with details for each member of the household:





please see this weeks meal schedule.

Please inform us which days and number of portions 24hrs in advance.

Kind regards

Craig & Titanilla Hennessey

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