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- If you were a regular with us before the lockdown, or you are new to our little village pub community, we would like to take this chance to to welcome you all

You maybe aware that we have been closed for several weeks due to government restrictions put in place for pubs and restaurants. #covid19 #uklockdown #carlisle #cumbria

We have been busy working behind the scenes to create a new hub for the community on our website.

The Robin Hood Inn is now officially


visit: www.therobinhoodinsmithfield.com and take a look around

Sick of queueing in the supermarket?

If you would still like to buy quality wine at a reasonable price we have good news!

We now have a wide range of Hungarian wine, selected from Bodri Pincészet now available from our online shop, the first time these wines have been available in the UK!

For more information visit www.therobinhoodinnsmithfield.com/shop #therobinhoodinnsmithfield #pub #steakhouse #steak #carlisle #cumbria#quarantea #quarantine #blogger #covid19 #quaranTEA #wine#winetasting #winetime #winecountry


Many people have found it difficult to obtain some basics groceries at the moment.

We have supported the local community, by assisting as a collection point for orders from www.Caterite.co.uk

We now offer zero waste refills on many basic grocery items.

Our new online shop is the place to stock up on all your essentials, with zero waste.

Bring your own container and have it filled with:

  • CARRS plain flour

  • CARRS strong white flour

  • Caster sugar

  • Basmati Rice

  • Long Grain Rice

  • Dried Pasta

  • Scottish Oats

  • Ground Almonds

We are working to have more and more items available.....

if you have a request for items you would like available,

Please let us know...

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