Mangalica pork

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A pig wrapped in a woolly sheep-like fleece might sound like a joke, but the strangely appealing curly coated sheep pig does exist.

We would like for you to meet Mangalica pigs,

Hailed as the 'kobe beef of pork.'


A descendent of the European wild boar and cousin of the black foot Iberian Pig, the Mangalica pig incorporates highly desirable qualities from both, yielding a very versatile meat.

A high monosaturated fat content make the pork ideal for curing and charcuterie, from pancetta to Kolbasz. While, when it comes to cooking, Mangalica pork is equally prized for the tender juicy meat it produces which requires minimal seasoning.


The simplest of meals, made with love, can bring joy and peace to a household ..... and also, of course, add some romance to an otherwise ordinary weekday meal. 

So even if you don't traditionally celebrate Valentine's Night, this might be a great opportunity to try something new for a weekday meal ! 

You could pair your Mangalica Burger with some Potato Wedges - and homemade slaw

It's very hard to compare the Mangalica with anything else, as the attributes of this pork are just so amazing - the depth of flavour, the wonderful "umami" that we all know about but can't pinpoint terribly easily .... make this an exceptionally juicy, tasty burger, the like of which you will not find on the high street!

Mangalica pork

We have been introducing this amazing Hungarian speciality for a few months now.

Mangalica known worldwide. Not only for its unique look, but prized for its flavour and texture.

In the UK Otterburn Mangalitza breed this special pig.

It is difficult to describe with mere words how delicious and tender, juicy and succulent this pork is - you can only find out by trying it yourself. Brought to us by Alternative Meats.

• QuaranTEA, #day2

Today's daily recipe is a traditional Hungarian favourite for when your feeling a little under the weather.

Alternative Meats Mangalica Pork Meatballs in a vegetable 'lecso' sauce with pasta, fresh kale and cucumber sour cream salad.

the recipe will feed 4 people a healthy nutritious meal, that contains all your recommended 5 fruit and veg/ day.

For a little extra boost for your immune system add a fresh chilli.

If you have any questions regarding the cooking processes get in touch we will be happy to help.

Share your efforts with us #quaranTEA

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