In the news: Couple take over pub that was damaged by fire

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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A North Cumbrian pub that was damaged by fire reopens with new owners.

Chef Craig Hennessey and his partner Titanilla Kiss, who is originally from Hungary, have taken charge at the Robin Hood Inn at Smithfield.

"We are making the pub rise from the ashes. We've had to replace the kitchen and do some refurbishment work in the bar area.
"We will primarily be a steak house and grill and we will get our meat from Kirkup Butchers at Longtown. They will supply us with fresh Galloway beef.


- If you were a regular with us before the lockdown, or you are new to our little village pub community, we would like to take this chance to to welcome you all

You maybe aware that we have been closed for several weeks due to government restrictions put in place for pubs and restaurants. #covid19 #uklockdown #carlisle #cumbria

We have been busy working behind the scenes to create a new hub for the community on our website.

The Robin Hood Inn is now officially


visit: and take a look around


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