Hungarian Wine: Tóth es Tóth Vineyard

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated. "The best-kept secret of the old wine world".

The Tóth family farm was founded in 1988.

Three generations of Tóth manage the small farm by cooperation, it has been developing and growing continuously since then.

the Founder, József Tóth- a gardening engineer, passed away at the end of 2016, the next generation took over and carries on the heritage.

The vineyard is involved withe the local community, with the nearby schools taking lessons and helping throughout the year.

The Tóth vineyards total 40 hectares of rolling hillsides, wedged between Aldebrő & Feldebrő in Northern Hungary.

We discovered this vineyard when we purchased our home in Tarneszentmaria, just 3 miles away. The local area is on the edge of the Matra National Park, with open countryside, forests and the mountains all around.

Set in the Eger wine region. Toth cellar is located in Kompolt, 6km away from the vineyard.

The cellar is 500 years old and belonged to Grassalkovics's, who were one of the most powerful Hungarian families in the 18th century.

During the Soviet regime - the vineyard was neglected until the Toth Family bought the land in the late 80'.

The vineyard is in great hands now - and has been producing great, quality wines for the last 30 years.

Tóth es Tóth - Pinot Noir Category: dry red wine Region: Debrői - Eger Lightly coloured, medium-bodied and low-tannin wine  with red fruit aromas of cherries. Smooth and easy.  Perfect with red meat dishes

Szüret (grape harvest) started in Aldebrő. The local television visited the Toth Vineyard to see how they prepare for the harvest on the 40 hectares vineyards. Before the szüret starts, the quality -manager visits the plantations to test the quality of grapes. He checks the texture, flavour and also checks the colour of the seeds. If the seeds are brown, they are ready. If they are black - they too mature. The grapes are dependent on the weather: they require dry sunny days. So even a one big summer storm can make lots of damage in the vineyards.

The harvest starts with Szürkebarát (= pinot grigo- dry white) and finishes with Hárslevelű  It is often blended with Furmint to produce Tokaj wine.

Toth Vineyard has nearly 40 different grape varieties including

White Varieties: Hárslevelű  Sauvignon Blanc Szürkebarát Welschriesling Gohér Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Red Varieties: Pinot Noir Blauburger Blaufränkisch Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes carefully harvested by hand - storing them in small groups in baskets to ensure that they don’t get damaged or squashed. In baskets tractors drive the important cargo back to the cellars where it gets processed and bottled.

The New range of wines from Tóth es Tóth Vineyard's have just arrived to our online shop

Tóth es Tóth Vineyard's award winning grape variety is Hárslevelű Superior 2017 A Sweet white wine From the Region: Debrői - Eger Even though this wine is not from the Tokaj region, it has the same amount of natural sugar in it as a Tokaj would.

This is why this beautiful Hárslevelű Superior 2017 has been awarded 5 puttony aszu - 

It has more fruity flavour than a Tokaj wine would have.   A sweet dessert wine perfectly paired with cheese, rich chocolate and fruity berries.

Hárslevelű - is a richly flavoured grape variety, often blended with Furmint,

on its own Hárslevelű is a herbaceous, full bodied style wine - sweet and refreshing.


Egészségedre! | Cheers!

Beautiful#irsaioliver from Debrö, Eger wine region-

from Tóth és Tóth Vineyard.

If you like unique,#artisanproduce, this is a#wine for you!

Chilled summer wine, similar to Pinot Grigio but has more flavour and fragrance to it. Light bodied, notes of tropical fruit, with rich floral and citrus aromas in the nose and a low acidity level. In Hungary it is often drunk between meals usually with soda water its called as fröccs =Spritzer.   A dry white wine perfectly paired with spicy dishes or mediterranean cuisine. 

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