Hungarian Wine: Harslevelu

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated.
"The best-kept secret of the old wine world"

Opening a bottle of Hungarian wine is like uncovering a great historical secret. Luckily for us, the secret is out, and the history is just beginning. One hundred years ago, Hungary was one of the most important wine producers in Europe. After war and division the nation is bouncing back. Countless small estates have been replanted and cultivated across the country. They are now turning out beautiful wines again – a result of traditional winemaking culture mixed with a modern sensibility.

Nearly every single language’s word for wine derives from the latin word vinum. There are only three languages whose word for wine does not: Greek (oinos), Turkish (sarap), and Hungarian (bor). Some historians believe this might indicate an early Hungarian connection to winemaking feeding the strong suspicion that Hungarian wine culture predates most of the other wine cultures of Europe.

With 22 wine regions growing hundreds of varietals, the country offers a multitude of great wines to explore, where to start is the only question?

We present to you an 
exclusive range of Hungarian wine varieties now in the UK.

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Hárslevelű - (harsh-level-oo)

If you like your dry white wines spicy and aromatic, you will love Hungary’s hidden gem – the Hárslevelű grape. -Rose Murray Brown "The Scotsman"

Hárslevelű is a richly flavoured grape variety from Hungary. It is usually blended together with Furmint in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region to produce the excellent Tokaj wine.

However Hárslevelű can also be vinified dry, making a more herbaceous, full bodied style of wine. Modern winemakers are experimenting with Hárslevelű, to make deliciously honeyed dry whites with great success, similar to Austria’s Gruner Veltliner.

Wines made from Hárslevelű have remarkable depth with tones of linden leaf, pear blossom and honey, pollen, chestnut and elderflower. It is distinctively aromatic but never overly perfumed.

Our Debrői Hárslevelű is from the Eger wine region. Grown on the slopes of the Matra National Park in Northern Hungary. Although producers do not hail it as their top wine,Its honeyed, floral character is a welcome change to new world bargain wine.

There is not much Hárslevelű found in the warmer climates of the New World, as the grape is sensitive to drought.  However, It is also grown in Germany, Slovakia and South Africa.

YES CHEF.......

This Summer I have grown to really enjoy our Toth Debrői Hárslevelű, its dryness works well with Asian dishes, it cuts through rich, creamy curry sauces and counters the saltiness of fried foods.

Our Pannon Tokaj Hárslevelű is semi sweet, with notes of linden and honey, pairing well with poultry. Best served alongside a classic Paprikash.

While Tokaj is the variety’s spiritual home - we can find great harslevelu wines across the country.

Our exclusive Harslevelu comes courtesy of The Tóth vineyards total 40 hectares of rolling hillsides, wedged between Aldebrő & Feldebrő in Northern Hungary.

Set in the Eger wine region. Toth cellar is 500 years old and belonged to Grassalkovics's - one of the most powerful Hungarian families in the 18th century.

During the Soviet regime - the vineyard was neglected until the Toth Family bought the land in the late 80'. Three generations of Tóth manage the small farm by cooperation, it has been developing and growing continuously. The vineyard is in great hands now - and has been producing great, quality wines for the last 30 years.

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