Hungarian Wine: FURMINT

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated.
"The best-kept secret of the old wine world"

Opening a bottle of Hungarian wine is like uncovering a great historical secret. Luckily for us, the secret is out, and the history is just beginning. One hundred years ago, Hungary was one of the most important wine producers in Europe. After war and division the nation is bouncing back. Countless small estates have been replanted and cultivated across the country. They are now turning out beautiful wines again – a result of traditional winemaking culture mixed with a modern sensibility.

Nearly every single language’s word for wine derives from the latin word vinum. There are only three languages whose word for wine does not: Greek (oinos), Turkish (sarap), and Hungarian (bor). Some historians believe this might indicate an early Hungarian connection to winemaking feeding the strong suspicion that Hungarian wine culture predates most of the other wine cultures of Europe.

With 22 wine regions growing hundreds of varietals, the country offers a multitude of great wines to explore, where to start is the only question?

We present to you an 
exclusive range of Hungarian wine varieties now in the UK.

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FURMINT - (fur - mint)

Furmint is one of the most exciting grape varieties in the world right now. One of Hungary’s most important grape varieties, behind the renowned sweet wines of Tokaj.

Furmint has been gaining more and more recognition in the UK, so we felt that now is a good time to tell you all about this exceptional grape variety, the “wine of kings and king of wines”

Mostly grown in the famous region of Tokaj in the North-East, in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, where volcanic soils make the best wines. The grape can be found towards Somló, (North of Lake Balaton), near the Austro-Hungarian border and also known in Slovenia as Šipon.

Furmint is a versatile wine with a full-body and an underlying acidity.

The grapes are left to shrivel on the vine late in the season. This encourages the development of the Botrytis cinerea fungus, aka noble rot. The sugar's concentrate and intensify the flavour. – the same process is used in French Sauternes and German Trockenbeerenauslsee

Straw Gold in colour, with a complex flavour, high acidity and distinct sweetness. Smoky flavours of lime peel, ripe apples and pears, light hay with hints of spice.

It’s got it all: the pungent aromatics of Sauvignon Blanc; the richness and oak-friendliness of Chardonnay; the minerality and acidity of Riesling. Somehow it manages to combine all these attributes into one unified whole. Not surprisingly, it is often a pretty intense experience.”

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