Hungarian Wine: Bodri Orsi Rose

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated. "The best-kept secret of the old wine world"

Exclusive Hungarian wine varieties now in the UK

With 22 wine regions, growing hundreds of varietals, Hungary offers a multitude of great wines to explore. 

A Perfect solution for summer nights with friends. Rose gold in colour, with velvety tannins and fruity aromas, middle bodied, with well balanced acidity.

2019 has produced a slightly fuller Rosé wine with a more structured taste and aroma of beautiful ripe fruit.

Bodri Orsi has been selected to the table of The President of the MTA which is the oldest Hungarian scientific communtiy in Hungary.

The wine was selected for its flavour and the reputation of the Bodri family vineyard

A Good choice for a warm summer day. Fruity, good balanced wine.

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-We are delighted to inform you that at the 2020 Hungarian Wine Academy competition in Budapest

2019 Bodri Orsi has achieved first place.

We can highly recommend this rounded blend rose wine for those who enjoy refreshing, fruity flavours with a Mediterranean aroma.


Rosé wine is the perfect Summer drink! Sweet, fruity, or dry, we are sure to have a Rosé wine just for you!

We have a great selection Rosé wines available from Hungary all available to order through our new click & collect website.

the 2019 Bodri Orsi is a great rose, perfect to enjoy in the sun this weekend!

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