History: RED HOUSE - Robin Hood

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As it is an important moment in the history of the modern world. We will look at the history of the pub. if you have any old pictures or media related to the pub, we would love to hear more from you. GET IN TOUCH


It has been said that the The Robin Hood was previously named `red house'

Smithfields location near the head of the

Solway, meant pack horses, cattle, pedlars, farm produce and homespun cloth would all pass on the drove roads through Kirklinton.

Smithfield lies on a Roman road which ran between the Roman stations of Castlesteads near Brampton and Netherby near Longtown. It is now the centre of population.

The hamlet which grew around the crossroads was called Redhouse (there are four houses of that name today). There was an important market at Longtown where traders from Scotland crossed the river Esk and in Georgian times dealers came from there to meet drovers and farmers at Redhouse to strike good bargains. In former years the village was commercially important, as many as fifty carriers laden with butter, bacon and grain regularly passed through from Newcastle to Longtown and much of the produce was sold here. The place was given the name Little Smithfield after the famous London market, and is now officially called Smithfield.

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