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JULY 4th 2020

"Is it worth opening for half a dozen people?" - Why some pubs will stay closed despite easing restrictions

We would like to announce that WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE CLOSED on the 4th July.

We have the legal responsibility to protect our staff and customers from risk to their health and safety.

After completing our risk assessment, following government guidelines, our decision is not to open until we can guarantee a safe area for the public.

We will continue to listen to professional advice, so that when restrictions to trade are lifted, we will be able to provide a greener future and higher quality dining experience for all.

If you would like to join our online community, you can continue to support our sustainable business.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the greener future that must lie ahead for The Robin Hood, in order to survive.

A "new normal" of equality and sustainability is something we should look to build in our local communities.

We would like to thank everyone for their support during this time and wish you all the best of health for the turbulent time ahead.

We are delighted to bring you, fine Hungarian wine, from traditional family vineyards.

Hungary remains one of the last European wine producing countries yet to be fully appreciated. "The best-kept secret of the old wine world"

We have exclusive Hungarian wine varieties now in the UK.

The Tóth vineyards total 40 hectares of rolling hillsides, wedged between Aldebrő & Feldebrő in Northern Hungary.

Bodri Family Vineyard produces award winning wines for the international market.

Prices start from £4.99

The announcement that licensed premises with outdoor areas will be able to re-open 4th July is great news to those businesses who can afford the expense to provide this facility to overcome the social distancing restrictions.

But for most small, family run businesses, there is no good news.

To implement social distancing measures at The Robin Hood, it would cut capacity by between 60% and 80%. Reducing our turnover, but with no reduction in the astronomical costs of operating the pub. 1 in 4 pubs in the country will Struggle to open(Bii)

If we were to use an area that we have not used before (car park) there are planning and licensing requirements to overcome, not to mention additional costs and reliance on British weather.

Our new focus has been to build an online community for the pub, where we can still enjoy the craic and the great produce, while maintaining social distancing and public safety.


We have been looking for support of our small village pub, during the worldwide #coronavirus outbreak via our crowdfunding campaign.

Read the feature in the local newspaper

the News and Star.

Unfortunately the Bank holidays and government problems have provided an excuse for people to ignore social distancing advice and get drunk with their friends and loved ones. Its hard to blame anyone, as we all have people we miss. But it has highlighted why pubs and clubs could be the challenge to getting over the virus.

The scenes of people ranging from drunk to tipsy on overcrowded beaches has clearly shown how common sense goes out the window when bad guidance is given and alcohol is involved. Unfortunately the British love of alcohol and in particular “binge drinking”, is our own downfall.

Can you imagine opening pubs and clubs again and our emergency services having to resource weekends like before, with people

drunk, fighting or unconscious with alcohol induced conditions, but with the new challenge of coronavirus.

Can you imagine staff having to deal with drunks? Trying to reason with someone who is drunk to keep a safe social distance from staff and the bar!

Alcohol and social distancing restrictions in public areas/gatherings simply will not work.

Opening with restrictions will be dreadfully difficult to manage, never mind the financial impact this will have on our business.

Here is a fantastic video by brewer Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn

Paying tribute to why we love the Great British Pub

It would be best for us to get as many other industries back to work over the next few months to reduce the overall furlough wage bill - extend the furlough scheme for hospitality staff and perhaps provide some long term support for hospitality businesses

I know this won’t suit everyone and people will be desperate to get back earning - however, I just think by opening us up too early it will do more long term damage than good.

Trade bodies call for extension to furlough scheme. - Morning Advertiser


We feel so so humbled by the generosity of people. #viralkindness Today we our HALFWAY to our target.

Every donation we received has meant so much to us. We would like to thank everybody who is spreading kindness and community during this time. #COVID19

"It is not a time for trading, or looking to profiteer off the moment. It’s a time to help the local community.”

The community has been behind Craig and his wife Tita during this time.

Although there have been requests for the pair to offer takeaways, for them it isn’t compatible with the social distancing advice.

He said: “It’s great, the support and messages from the local community have been positive"

“The offers of help to support us have been great so we want to support our local customers in the same way by offering our skills in a simple way to try and pass those boring hours stuck at home.”

donate here

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