The PURITY Team are dedicated to 'share the truth' and 'spread the knowledge'.




- 100% VEGAN - 100% CRUELTY FREE

- 100% NON GMO

- 100% ORGANIC


PURITY Full Spectrum PCR Products are high in active CBD CBG,CBN,CBC as well as terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids & essential amino acids.

PURITY want to remove the fear surrounding a plant that has so many health benefits.

Its not psychoactive so you won't get high CBD benefits the protection of the nervous system, Immune Protection and Homeostasis - Balancing of mood, sleep & physical and mental recovery .

Rachael, also known as CBD WOMAN started using CBD and couldn’t believe the profound impact it had on her wellbeing.

She immediately wanted to share this wonderful CBD food supplement with others just like her.

CBD can be used for

All products from PURITY are grown under strict USA guidelines using only 100% organic farming practices and registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.

Unlike other products available

PURITY adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines for the sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products.

PURITY CBD Oil is extensively screened to guarantee quality & consistency.

At PURITY we are fully aware that “not all hemp is made equal” but also not all “HEALTH PRODUCTS” are marketed equal !!!


The results of tests showed that three CBD products contained less CBD than was indicated on the label.

Celtic Wind CBD (Lloyds Pharmacy), claimed on the bottle contains 500mg of CBD. The results showed barely detectable amounts – 0.00075%.


CBD can be difficult to cook with. It has a nutty Earthy taste, almost Unami.

It works well in foods with a strong taste, such as chocolate and coffee.

Be careful, when cooking not to heat the mixture past 160'C as CBD & essential amino acids evaporate and the oil loses its 'health' properties.

When cooking with oils, pay attention to the carrier. Coconut oil CBD is great in Thai cooking balanced with coriander, ginger and lime and Olive oil CBD is great for Meditterranean foods with fresh basil and garlic. One London chef has created an entire CBD afternoon tea and others like Good Lives cafe in Southport infuse high quality CBD in sweet treats and special coffee blends.

I highly recommend to use PURITY CBD daily, it is part of my diet, as I benefit from a better mental well-being when taking it.

I also use the product to reduce the impact of migraines. Although no migraine product has ever cured a migraine, PURITY CBD, balances the pain during an episode, to make a day manageable. previously I would have to isolate in a cool, dark, quite room for hours and sometimes days.

Recently I have suffered from increased muscle pain, in my legs. This has been caused by endless standing in kitchens. The pain is reduced when using the new skin Balms. They smell great too but try not to eat them.

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